Muyuka Sons And Daughters of America

Unity – Solidarity – Progress


Posted by musada on June 2, 2010

This is to remind you that the monthly meeting of MUSADA will be taking place this sunday – June 6th at
Ms Rahmatu’s residence –  11700 Old Columbia Pike Apt 310, Silver Spring, Md 20904. Time usually is 6:00p.m. Please be on time.
It has been decided that members should use this year to bring their account up to date and so no new project is being implemented. Ideas as to what we should do in addition to bringing our accounts up to date are expected from members.
When coming to the meeting do not forget to bring drinks and or chewables as usual. If you do not have at this time still come. You are welcomed. We are more interested in you than in what you bring.
There are some social issues we are to address at this meeting. Please come on time so that we may have your participation.
Next Month’s meeting will be at
Mr and Mrs Mokam    6908 Scotch Dr., Laurel, Md 20707 – First sunday of the month.
See you on Sunday.

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