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Local News

December Meeting

The December meeting will be hosted by Mr. Nangah Zacharia. His address is

12904 Northampton Dr, Beltsville, Md 20705

The date for the meeting is December 2nd 2007.

All are invited and to bring another Muyuka element.


The meeting took place and we had very successful deliberations.

Among other things we arrived at the following decisions.

1. The Party for the end of year will take place at the beginning of next year.

2. The next General meetging will take place on January 6th 2008 at Mr. Zacharia Nangah’s residence

The address is 12904 Northampton Drive, Beltsville, Md 20705

Time of meeting is 6:00p.m. to 8:00p.m.

3. The February Meeting will take place on February 3rd 2008 at Ms Rose Anyi’s house.

The address is 9745 Goodluck Rd, Apt 9, Lanham, Md 20706

4. It was also decided that at the next meeting in January which is the beginning of the Finacial year for MUSADA, there will be reelection to confirm or disolve and reelect a more dynamic Executive. The composition of the various committees put in place will be revised also. We are asking members to come and make their opinion felt on that day.

Please inform all other Muyuka elements.




6 Responses to “Local News”

  1. EDWARD MOKAM said

    Hi Everyone,
    No body seem to have been to the blog yet. I am waiting for your comments on whether we should adopt this blog or create a different one and also on how we should improve communications amongst ourselves.
    Leave a comment when you visit.

  2. Peter Gang said

    Hello Mr. Mokam,
    Just testing the site as per your directions. I must have made a mistake about the date I talked about. I see it is OK. Happy New Year.


  3. clement fomin said

    happy new year to all. just to let are members know of the death of pa peter nuyuni. the father of Jacob, dieudone,and valentine nuyuni.
    take care fomin clement.

  4. SIL MUDSI said

    Good-Will Container

    We believe it has gotten to the point whereby the sons and daughters could take this opportunity to start remembering and compensating our past by considering ways at which we could share happiness with our beloved friends and families back home in Muyuka Cameroon.

    This is a non profit and dedicated effort in collaboration with a freight forwarding company which specialize in goods to Cameroon

    This joint effort would help strengthen our relationship and also obtain the highest praises from our people who could count on us, and our relative who had place every thing on the line for our betterment.

    A tentative date for the container to leave the port of NJ is set for January 18, 2008 and should be arriving mid-end of March 2008

    We are presently at +79 % booked capacity, for shipping arrangement reservation or pricing.
    Call Sil or Martin @301 806-1449 or 240 498-2661

    Considering everything goes as scheduled we are anticipating more to come and on regular basis.

  5. rene nunyi said

    greetings from the ex-bellwether state. I was surfing the net and accidentally stumbled on this site. I would like to commend you guys for doing such a wonderful job. this gives me a medium to stay in touch with you all. I’ll book mark this page and make sure i stay current with happenings in paysbas.

  6. musada said

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