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Posted by musada on November 20, 2008

Uncle Raymond NkemantehIt is with deep sorrow that I am announcing to you the death of Mr. Raymond Nkemanteh and Ms Georgiana Fotabong (Constance) in Muyuka.
Mr. Raymond Nkemanteh, popularly known as Uncle Ray, is a popular person in the Cameroonian/African Community here in the US and I am sure many of you who have been long here know him. A website has been created to inform everyone about the activities relating to the wake keeping which will take place next Week Friday. There are pictures of him on the website. Please visit the website at for more information.
Ms Georgiana of Muyuka also died yesterday November 19th 2008 from injuries sustained during a motor accident she just had. Her leg was amputated and it appears she was suffering from internal bleeding but the doctors did not realise this until too late. Both Mr. Raymond Nkemanteh and Ms Georgiana Fotabong are related. Whenever Uncle Ray came to Muyuka he stayed with her.

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  1. HRH Fuankem Achankeng I said

    Sad indeed. It has been considerably difficult for me to absorb the passing on of Ray. I met him for the first time when he came to Seat of Wisdom in September 1967. He stood out of the crowd in his own way in several ways. First, he was very protective of his female cousin and classmate, and could do that successfully because he was very physically fit to withstand pressures from senior students. It did not take long for him to earn the nickname “Powercam” after displaying his prowess in fists fights with many students including on the soccer field with Vincent Tamoh or with Michael Ndubie at a College “tail-cutting” event. Second, he came to the game of soccer with his own playing styles. And third, in the Sunday morning after-church-record-player dance, Ray was unique at the “Funky Four Corners” or “Sukisa Man” moves he copied from a certain Igbo trader whom he admired at Azi on market days. Anyone who knew Ray as a young man definitely has a story him.

    Now with the sad news of Georgiana Fotabonganche’s own passing coming just days after Ray’s appears incomprehensible to me right now. Both Ray and Georgiana are first cousins, and both of them friends of mine. On August 18, 2008, Georgie drove me to the LECUDO meeting in Muyuka!! As I try to make sense of these losses, I want to join other friends in prayers that God almighty will grant them eternal peace, and also grant their families the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss.

    HRH Fuankem Achankeng I

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