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Posted by musada on June 9, 2009

Hi Musada,
I just wish to thank all the members who made the effort to attend this month’s meeting. It was well attended inspite of the complaints of distance.
I wish to thank Mr and Mrs Kona for the reception they provided for the meeting to take place in such a cordial atmosphere.
Amongst the important decisions taken at this meeting was that of the Uniform. A uniform has been selected and it will cost members the sum of $80.00 for women and $40.00 for men to get the material to sew the uniform. This price is if members pay by the next meeting of July 2009. The new price after that date will be $85.00 and $45.00. One style of sewing was also determined.
The next meeting will take place at Mr. Martin Ngengwe’s residence in Steeple Ct, Laurel. The date is first sunday of the month of July – July 5th 2009. Members are requested to be on time for the meeting. Please remember to bring along chewables and drinkables.
The following announcements were made:
Ms Josephine Gang announced the graduation of her daughter Gang Prudencia on June 27th 2009 and invited members to come and join her in her happiness and celebration.
Ms Rosemary Folefac repeated her announcement of her coming marriage in July 29th 2009. Details will be coming soon. Again Musada is invited to this happy event.
Mr. Michael Nkeng, the Treasurer, who just came from Cameroon, reported that arrangements were still going on for the handing over of the Generator and the Inter Quartier football competition. We are expecting more news from Cameroon on these up coming events.

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