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Posted by musada on May 5, 2009

Hi Everyone,
I wish to thank all those who braved the rain and attended the meeting at Mr. and Mrs Formin’s House for the meeting of May 3rd.  Our thanks go to the Fomin’s for being such gracious hosts.

Remember that meetings are usually on the first sunday of the month.
The meeting was well attended and discussions were very fruitful.
Among other things – the meeting was informed that the Generator is still on its way to Cameroon – Muyuka.
Preparation for the Cup Competition in Muyuka was still going on. Mr. Eyombo Leo was asked to continue with the coordination of the activities. He was to get in touch with Mr. Nkeng who is already in Cameroon to see that all was going on as decided by the meeting.
The registration of the organisation as a non profit organisation was discussed at length. The exco was charged with meeting with Ms Evelyn Joe and seeing how the organisation can be registered for free.
The Committee for Uniform brought some samples. The meeting was happy with the effort made. The meeting decided that lace was the best material to be adopted for the uniform and charged the committee to go make a selection and bring samples for final decision on the uniforms. Mrs Nkeng Agnes was added to the Committee.
The Audit committee was still charged with meeting with the Financial secretary to update the accounts.
The next meeting will be taking place at 20701 Delta dr, Latonsville, md 20882. It will be hosted by Mrs Anna Bibum Kona.
Men should carry out their responsibility by bring drinks and women should bring chewables at meetings.

Mr. Clement Fomin is inviting members to attend the baby their baby shower on Saturday May 16th 2009.

Mr. Sil Musi – the first Vice President of Musada has just become the father of a baby bouncing girl. The date and place of the eating of the “condre” has not been announced yet. However musada gives their congratulations and express more grease to their — (elbow?).


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