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Report on Meeting of March 2009

Posted by musada on March 2, 2009

Hi Musada,
I just want to thank all of you who made the effort to come to the meeting in spite of the snow. This indeed is a show of our commitment to the meeting and what it stands for. For those of you who could not make it, here is a brief summary of some of the things that were discussed.
1.    The vice President was back from Cameroon and reported the progress on the house that was going to accommodate the Generator. Work will be finished on the house by the next week. We hope to put the picture of the house as soon as it is made available.
2.     The Generator is expected to leave soon and be ready for delivery in May.
3.    Mr. Ngengwe Martin was able to acquire 4 wheel chairs that will be sent together with the Generator. We thank him for the effort and wish him more success.
4.     The Committee of Mrs Tabe Collette and Mr. Nunyi Valentine are also working towards acquiring more medical supplies and equipment for the hospital back home. These may not travel with the Generator but we are still encouraging them to go ahead as we may find other means of sending these back home.
5.     We are asking any member who is in a position to get supplies to contact us as soon as possible so that we see how we can bundle these and send back home.
6.    The matter of entertainment was discussed and it was agreed that at the next meeting we were going to see if it can be possible to levy every member for entertainment so that any person hosting will be given cash to get drinks and food. So far the ladies have been doing a wonderful job of supplying us food and the men have not been meeting up with their obligation as a group.
7.     Another idea that is going to be discussed at the next meeting is that of acquiring a uniform for the meeting. If we are invited as a group it will be a good idea to distinguish ourselves by our appearance at the occasion.
8.    The ladies said they would like to discuss about Mother’s day in May excluding the men who if not of them they will not be mothers.
9.    The Njangi will be started at the next meeting. The members are already committed and it will be only bringing the money. If you still wish to join that will be an opportunity for you to join.
10.    The Auditors – Mr. Ngengwe Martin and Madam Rose Anyi including Mrs Josepha Edjoa were assigned to audit the account and come to the next meeting with a report.
11.    The next meeting will be hosted by Mrs Edjoa and Mr. Eyombo Leo at 4630 Brightwood Rd, Olney, Md 20832. This will be first Sunday in April, 04/04/09 at 6:00p.m. as usual. Please men bring drinks and women bring chewables.
12.    The schedule for next meetings will be made by volunteering and balloting. If you would not be present and wish to reserve a date please send word or an email to indicate your preference.
13.    The collection for dues, project etc came up to $770.00 – We are growing strong.
14.    Finally I wish to thank Mrs Nkeng and Mrs Mokam for doing a wonderful job of hosting the meeting.
Once more I thank you all for your moral and material support.

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