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Posted by musada on October 31, 2008

Hi Everyone,

We will be meeting on Sunday November 2nd, 2008 at 11550 Stewart Lane, Apt 309, White Oak, Md 20904. We expect everyone to attend this important meeting as we shall discuss the details of the End of Year Party. Those who have not yet paid their contributions of $50.00, should do so at this meeting. We shall have to start the allocation of the funds against the activities of the Party. Come and contribute your ideas before and not after this meeting. The date of the Party is December 20th, 2008. Come and Plan your day of thanksgiving and relaxation at the end of the year.

We shall also finalise the project. I am informed that the Generator has been bought and will be brought to the meeting for us to take a look. We have to plan the transportation, and handing over in  Cameroon. Please come and contribute your ideas before and not after the fact. We look forward to seeing you. Remember also that we have a minimum contribution against this project and we will be expecting members to come and start making their contributions. I believe we agreed on $20.00 per person.

I wish to thank the hostesses of the last meeting of Musada, Ms Josephine Kamegwe and Ms Rose Anyi Forzi. I also wish to thank the members who came with drinks and food to support the hostesses.

The next meeting will be sponsored/Hosted by Ms Alice Mbaye and Ms Akombi Martha. Members should not forget to come with the usual support i.e. Men ‘drinkables’ and Women ‘Chewables’


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