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Posted by musada on June 2, 2008

We had another successful meeting at Mme Bodog’s residence. The attendance was encouraging and members brought food and drinks.

Some important resolutions adopted were.

1. The Condolence of members was to be implemented considering that members are paying their dues. Dues collected today amounted to $230.00 and Registration was $10.00 making a total of $240.00

2. The definition of MEMBER IN GOOD STANDING was defined as a member who has been attending meetings at least once in three months and who has been paying their dues as described below.

3. Dues are payable as follows: This year 2008 by September 30th members should have completed their $120.00 membership dues. They should have been paying at least $10.00 each month before completing by the due month. For 2009. Members are required to have completed their dues by June 2009. They should also be paying at least $10.00 a month before the due month or pay a lump sum and forget the monthly payments.

As an illustration of the above, if in May 2009 a member is in trouble and has to be assisted. His record should show that he should have attended the meeting at least 2 times and that his dues amount to at least $50.00. If This situation should occur in  June 2009 then he should have attended the meeting 2 times and have paid the full dues of $120.00

4. The next meeting will be hosted by Mme Alice Njogho and Mr. Jack Nunyi. The address is 780 Fairview Ave Apt 510, Takoma Park – MD 20912. 

5. Most important – We now have a new Vice President. He was elected by acclamation and his name is JACK NUNYI. Please look at the list of members to see his phone number in case you want to congratulate him.

6. Please remember that meeting starts at 6:00p.m. When coming, ladies bring some eatables and men bring some drinkables.

Finally we wish to thank Mr and Mrs Bodog for their hospitality in hosting the meeting and providing us music and an environment to have a successful meeting and a place to dance even though the ladies did most of the dancing. Men come prepared next time.

See you at the next meeting.



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