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Posted by musada on May 5, 2008

Hi Musada
We had a very successful meeting yesterday, May 4th 2008 at Jack Nunyi’s Residence. The turnout was very impressive and the contributions for the monthly dues was $400.00 and new registration $30.00. This shows the meeting is getting very strong.
Among other things discussed were
a)    the replacement of the Vice President at the next meeting. 
b)    The getting of an employment number to facilitate the opening of an account before next meeting.
c)    The starting of a savings program from which members can borrow and pay an interest.
d)    We are also going to examine at the next meeting the constitution and decide on When to start implementing the articles relating to solidarity funds.
e)     A program of hosting was drawn up. Two members will be responsible for hosting the meeting each time. A roster has been drawn up to extend right to December 2008. For June the meeting will take place at Mme Emmerencia Bodog’s Residence and the two hosts are Mme Emmerencia Bodog and Mme Cecilia Mokam.
Every male member is requested to come along to meetings with some drinks and the ladies with some food. Have something so we can share and lighten the burden of the Host.
The roster for the subsequent months will be published later.
The commitment being shown by members is very encouraging and I hope we keep up with this spirit.
If there are any thing I might have left out please do not hesitate to contact me. My numbers are below this email
The address of our next meeting is at 2204 Victor Court, Silver Spring, MD 20906 on June 1st, 2008.

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