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Posted by musada on March 3, 2008

The meeting that took place in Clement Fomin’s residence was one of the most successful meeetings we have had. There were nearly twenty members and two new members showed up. The meeting discussed the matter of the Executive and decided to contact the Vice President who is in Florida before a decision as to replacing him can be made. The Secretary who has not shown up for meetings since she was elected was replaced with the Vice Secretary, Ms Emmerencia Bodog, who is now empowered to carry out her functions.

Another good decision arrived at was the creation of a monthly njangi and fifteen members signed up for the njangi. The amount is $50.00 each and at the next meeting that will take place at Ms Emmerencia Bodog’s residence the rules will be set and the njangi will take off. If you have not yet registered and would like to join please come on that day with your money. Come Early also in order not to miss out.

A new Committee has been created (replacing the old one) to work on projects. The members are

Martin Ngengwe

Peter Morfaw

Leo Eyombo

Mudime Mukete

Emmerencia Bodog

Dr. Peter Morfaw has been given the responsibility to coordinate the committee.

Monthly contributions collected this day amounted to $130.00. This shows the interest members have in promoting the meeting.

Meetings begin at 6.00p.m and is supposed to end at 8.00p.m.

Refreshment was more than adequate,  supplied by the Fomins and a few members who supported him. I will like to thank the Fomins and all the other members who have been hosting meetings for their efforts and generosity.

Next meeting is at Ms Emmerencia Bodog at 2204 Victor Court, Silver Spring, MD 20906 on April the 6th 2008.

Please spread the word around.

If you want to make a comment, please go to the Local news or Home News page and make the comment. Do not forget to supply your name and email address.


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