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We now have a forum to share ideas and news

Posted by musada on December 2, 2007

Hi Everyone,

I have created this blog so that we can communicate to each other and the world about things that concern us. We will use this forum for communicating with each other, posting calendar of activities, commenting on events that concern us. We should try as much as possible not to use this forum to propagate our political leanings and remember, we are not political in nature. Let us leave politics to the policiticians.

I should like to still emphasize that in using this forum, we should be responsible. We should not use this forum to offend. We should try to be understanding and considerate of the feelings of others especially when we have to criticise. Let us make this blog a forum for us to meet and discuss issues for our common benefit and for the promotion of the ideas and projects we wish to accomplish.

However let us not use this forum to substitute our regular meetings. It is important that we meet and share ideas. Remember not all of us have the time to access the internet. Some may access the internet but not have time to contribute their comments on this blog. That is why we should meet and discuss some things face to face.

Our last meeting in the President’s house was not well attended. This can be very discouraging because either people geniunely could not make it because they forgot or they do not care for the executive they elected. Well we should know that executive do not work alone. They work with the people and if the people do not give them support then they fail. It will be erroneous to blame the exco and not take some of the blame. We are not children who have to be reminded about things. We should therefore put in place the means to be reminded about when meetings are to take place, when we should accomplish assignments etc. Let us take our projects seriously.

I am counting on you to contribute materially and financially to the success of this organisation.

Edward Mokam

President – MUSADA


One Response to “We now have a forum to share ideas and news”

  1. Sil Mudsi said

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    We believe it has gotten to the point whereby the sons and daughters could take this opportunity to start remembering and compensating our past by considering ways at which we could share happiness with our beloved friends and families back home in Muyuka Cameroon.

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    This joint effort would help strengthen our relationship and also obtain the highest praises from our people who could count on us, and our relative who had place every thing on the line for our betterment.

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